Frequently Asked.....

  • Can you rebuild an existing website? +

    Yes, we can take the information from an existing live site and rebuild it into a content management system and point your domain name to our dns servers.
  • Do you need to take some kind of deposit before you build my site? +

    Yes, that is correct. Concept Heroes are like most other website builders in that we need to ensure that you have committed to a project before we invest our time. Once your website is ready you will pay the balance and your site is live.
  • What payments methods do we accept? +

    We can accept bank transfer, Paypal or cash if you are local.
  • Can you do any discounts? +

    Yes we can offer discounts for some situations.
  • When does the free hosting start? +

    Any new websites we build are given one years free hosting from the time the site goes live. After this on year period we will start to charge a small hosting charge.
  • Can you design books and magazines? +

    Yes of course. We have very extensive knowledge in design for print and the print industry as a whole.
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